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Shed West is the name of the developing men's shed for Brisbane's western suburbs.

The aim is to provide a safe,welcoming and creative environment in which to serve a wide range of needs for men from the district.

Our Shed
 - see Meetings link below for location & Special Events button to left for activities & times & special events .

Mission Statement & Core Values

To establish and maintain a safe,comfortable creative,healthy and vibrant environment for males to meet and conduct their individual chosen activities.

A healthy and alternative environment (change of scenery)

Empathy for fellow men

Assist the less fortunate

Democratic practices

Responsive interaction with others

Personal and group pride and self-esteem

Sustained and responsive networks

Social male companionship and fellowship

The practice,sharing,learning,improvement and expansion of personal skills

Education and debating of diverse issues

Foster interest in the local community and contibute to its benefit

Inclusion of all males of all ages,cultures and abilities

Facilitate and maintain associations with other organisations serving the community.

Our constitution can be viewed  by clicking  HERE


Held Tuesdays from 2pm - 4pm alternating between the Shed & the Kenmore Library meeting room.

Meeting at the Library on the 1st,2nd & 4th Tuesday of month @ 2pm , guest speakers a the meetings cover a wide range of interesting topics.

Meeting at the shed for an informal BBQ at 12pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month or can be an organised outing.

Please contact us in-case of any alterations to timetable.

  For location map of Meeting Place & Workshop

ShedWest Welfare Protocol
ShedWest welfare is based upon working together within a framework of the
values of justice, respect and compassion for the benefit of members.
  • Do no harm: by your attitude; by your words; by your actions.
  • Take no agenda: let the person you are visiting determine the
         topics of conversation and interests. It may be that what
         you are doing is the topic of interest for the other person and
         then that should not be avoided.
  • Do not advise: Offer sugestions if appropriate - “have you considered?”
    But the decision must belong to the other person.
  • Notes: Shortly after your visit reflect on it and write a brief commentary of the visit.
         What was said by each of you? Consider how you could have improved the      visit.
    These notes are for your personal use and not for sharing with others but will help you improve as a visitor and also provide a memory  refresher before
    your next visit with that person.
  • Relationship: The first step in the relationship is to make a friend.
         The second step is to be a friend through visitation.
         It is an intentional friendship for the benefit of the other person.
         You are in the relationship for the long haul.
  • Feelings: Do not be afraid to allow feelings to surface if this should happen.       
         Men tend to supress feelings but may share more freely with a stranger.
  • Needs: People often won't ask for      help.  During your visit be      sensitive
         to possible needs that the “Shed” or you may be able to satisfy.  
         It may take a bit of subtle diplomacy to get to the subject.
  • Presence: Sometimes a visit may be silent,      particularly with the very ill
         or grieving and just having you present is beneficial to the other person.      
         A silent visit doesn't signify a poor visit outcome.
  • Confidentiality: Keep the confidence.  Anything personal or private
         that gets talked about during a visit should not be divulged to
         others without permission.
  • Active listening:       The person you are visiting is the most important
         person there at that time. Listen to what they say.  
         Make sure you have understood them by confirming it with them.  
         Be careful not to parrot them.
  • Stories:       Hear the stories of their life.       Memories are important
    because it is our history that      makes us who we are.
  • Feelings: Do not be afraid to allow feelings to surface if this should happen.
    Men tend to supress feelings but may share more freely with a stranger.
  • Tune in to the person you are visiting or talking with.
  • Listen to what they are saying.
  • Question or query if appropriate to get the true meaning or what they are saying.
  • Review as the visit progresses to assess if you are making progress.

The Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA ABN 84 144 866 277 in association with Everest Risk Group Pty Ltd (ERG) as Corporate Authorised Representative (No 276869) of Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd (IAA – Australian Financial Services No 240549), has arranged access for members to Public and Products Liability, Voluntary Workers Personal Accident, Industrial Special Risks & Association Liability (The Insurance).
The AMSA website provides sufficient information to enable claims to be processed.
In addition Shed West has taken out an Industrial Special Risks – 2 Policy Number 01 R 1200843 to cover special items not covered under the overall insurance policy.  All Committee members have a copy of this policy as well as the Kenmore Shed Office.
When completing a claim, please consider the following:
  • Check that the incident/accident/loss/theft is covered by our insurance policy
  • Advise one of the Committee members of the incident and intention to claim – eg Tom      Usher/Doug Nissen at Kenmore, and Graham Barnard at Bellbowrie
  • That Committee member is to advise the full Committee of the intention
  • Ensure that the  appropriate claim form is used
  • Please ensure that “Shed West Community Mens Shed” is the only Shed name used in any correspondence with the insurer
The Insurer contact details are”
Everest Risk Group Pty Ltd
Contact: Sean McDermott
Phone 02 9226 2180
Email –
July 2015

Brief History of Shed West
It was the initiative of Cr.Margarate de Wit that led to the establishment of a Men's Shed in the Pullenvale ward, as part of the long-overdue Kenmore community Centre.
Community Consultations and expessions of interest were canvassed among local people and orgianisations from mid 2007.
Brisbane City Council staff assisted with development and advice but in the beginning most particularly from Scotia Monkavitch in her role as Community Arts Officer.
BCC provided "seeding funds" of $12,000 to establish a Men's Shed,functioning without a workshop. We chose the name Shed West, because of the range of suburbs and diverse area embraced by the Pullenvale Ward.
For almost 2 years a steering committee worked with Brisbane City Council to access a shed on the site of the former council depot. As you know it was one of 3 buildings recently developed into a community centre, which the Mayor opened on the 20th Feb,2010.
Meantime men of Shed West have met Tuesday afternoons in a former scout hall where relevant skills and hobbies have been presented and for the socialising, which is an important part of shed activities. Wood working & metal working demonstrations dominate, but photography, PC skills, cooking and topical items of general interest (such as global warming) are programmed.
Information sessions on men's health issues are presented regularly. They prompt lively question times. The contribution made by Men's Sheds to increasing awareness of health issues and improving the wellbeing of men who come to sheds for social interaction and to do something usefull, has been well documented. It is estimated that the national Men's Shed Movement is saving the Federal Government up to $5Million per annum by the awareness of health issues they promote among men.
Several community orginisations have appealed for assistance from Shed West with projects with making or renovating their equipment. (Eg: Technical Aid for the Disabled,Brookfield Museum,Brookfield Show Society,Kenmore Anglican Church,The Henderson Centre and Severn Oaks Cerebal Palsy Residential Centre.) Even without workshop facilities we have been able to help with some projects through the good offices of members who maintain there own individual workshops or sheds. We will be able to do more of these projects to assist in the local community when the workshop is functioning adequetly and safely.
Since gaining access to the shed in September, Shed West Members have been working for several days each week, in volunteer teams, to renovate the Shed, install a new switchboard & electrical wiring, plus internal fittings and renovating and installing machine tools. The Shed has been insulated and Dust Extractors installed.
In July 2009 BCC awarded us a $20,000 grant for equipping the Shed. BCC also gave us 4 obselete computer terminals which some of our members have serviced and installed in the brick building (CENTRE 1 ). Classes using these computers will be shared between members and interested locals who seek to obtain better computer skills.
Our Men's Shed is now fitted out with some hand tools and a variety of woodworking machines including lathes. Some have been donated, others have been bought by funds granted by the City Council, Kenmore/Moggill RSL and The Dept of Veteran Affairs. A member made a long term loan of his machine tools for metal work and welding. FAHSCIA granted funds for office equipment.
Commencing from the 23rd Feb.,skilled members will be training novices among our membership, in Woodworking,Wood Turning & Metal-working on 4 X week day mornings.
Shed West currently has approximately 170 Financial Ordinary Members with  further  men showing interest. We estimated that running costs for the Shed will be of the order $5000 p.a. with a significant proportion being spent on Workplace Health & Safety and Insurance Premiums.
Graeme Curnow

Shed West In Brief
Every third Tuesday we meet for a barbeque at noon at the Brookfield Road workshop . It is always well attended & in future functions skilled members will give a short presentation on workshop skills after the lunch.
The members have been treated to a variety of speakers on the other Tuesdays at 2pm in the Kenmore Library meeting room from Health,History,Travel,Business,Disabilities,Social & Trade talks.
The Bellbowrie Men's Shed have an equally number of interesting speakers at 1pm on Wednesdays at the Anglican Church Hall,Moggill.
Speakers for the rmainder of the year include First Aid & the use of our Defibrillator,Weather,Skin Cancer Protection,Careflight,Campervans,Geological Hydrocarbons,among others. The program often uses the skills & knowledge of our more than 160 members who always entertain & the talks conclude with afternoon refreshments.
Other activities include a regular dinner group visiting local western suburbs restaurants,a photographers group,computer skills & using the vast array of equpment at the workshops where members help to solve those difficult home repair or DYO projects.
Members must be trained on the equipment first & wear appriate workshop apperal particuly solid shoes.
Future functions include a Melbourne Cup lunch & of course the ever popular Christmas event.
Interested men can contact either 3878 2825 & for Bellbowrie, Graham Barnard on 0401 054 934 or simply drop in to the centre in Brookfield Road any morning.

Shed Timetable (at present )

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ,Friday & now Saturday mornings ( if requested)

from 0930 to 1230 for activities.

Mondays.........Woodturning / Cards at the drop in centre

Tuesdays.........Woodworking / Metalworking / Leatherwork & Pyroghraphy

Wednesday.....Woodworking and Metalworking /Upholstery

Thursdays......Woodworking and Metalworking and Toy making projects

Fridays...........Woodworking, Woodturning and Metalworking / Computing/ & also a Photography group meets once a  month.

Saturdays.......If required

NB: All activites take place at the SHED except Computing/Cards & photography which now takes place in centre 2 (Drop-In center)

A sign in procedure will be initiated & a charge of $3.00 per session attended, this is necessary for the running costs associated with Shed West operations such as Insurance etc.
Book into these sessions using the board in the SHED or contact the group leaders.
A Drop-In centre has been established utilising the BCC de-mountable building #2.

This can be utilised by all men & women , but due to space restrictions & facilities young children present a problem.
The centre will be open on Monday,wednesday & Friday mornings 9am-12 midday providing no other usage is required.

Facilities available include :TV/CD's,Radio,Books/magazines/cards & of course conversation.
A small donation of $3.00 will also include Tea/Coffee & biscuits.

Please contact us if you are interested.

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